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Classical Education
K-12 Curriculum

At Heart of Ohio Classical Academy, our students will experience a content-rich education that stimulates their mind, feeds their hunger for learning, and nourishes their hearts. We provide a fully integrated liberal arts and sciences curriculum that includes instruction on moral character and civic virtue.

Embracing the inclusive spirit of tuition-free Ohio community schools, our doors are open to every Ohio child eager to embark on this transformative educational journey. 

Classical Education

Tried and True Methods

We employ effective methods that were used in the past, as opposed to trendy or popular methods without substance.

Language Arts

Explicit, systematic learning of parts of speech

Memorization and Recitals

Memorization for math facts, poetry, recitals, etc.


Effective for students learning to spell and be more thoughtful in spelling.

Liberal Arts & Sciences

A “liberal” education, in the true sense of the word, signifies a “freeing” education that liberates individuals from the confines of limited personal experience. This elevated form of education removes the burden of ignorance by equipping individuals with the essential skills of writing, reading, and critical thinking, thereby transforming their perspectives. It connects us with the broader world, emphasizing that one does not need to choose between STEM disciplines and classical education, as both contribute to a well-rounded intellectual foundation.

STEM School vs a Classical School

STEM School​

  •  Education emphasis in sciences/math, to the exclusion of other subject areas.
  • Study interested in practical application of scientific/mathematical knowledge. (e.g. coding, engineering). Narrow application. Good for some students.
  • Allows exposure to only some disciplines, at crucial decision-making stages of life

Classical School

  • Well rounded education in humanities and sciences, without compromising on one or the other.
    • Math track culminates in calculus and pre-calc. for all students.
    • Science track culminates in astronomy after biology, chemistry and physics, for all students.
  • Study interested in the cause of things and the natural world thoroughly. Know things in their depth, which prepares for specialization at higher levels. Good for all students.
  • Exposure to a variety of disciplines in so that students can choose what they would like to specialize in beyond K – 12. Learning to be a learner for life.


Literacy Essentials

Literacy Essentials is an explicit, systematic, Orton-based phonics and literacy program designed to teach students to read through the logic of spelling. The program ensures that reading skills progress sequentially from writing and spelling to reading, with each skill introduced and practiced until mastery is achieved, moving from accuracy to fluency.

Students journey along a reading continuum where concepts are first introduced, followed by repetitive practice, and finally assessed by teachers for mastery.

Literacy Essentials employs multisensory techniques, including explicit instruction, interactive analysis, and graphic organization, to reinforce learning and ensure comprehensive understanding.


Singapore Math

The Singapore math method emphasizes mastery through the intentional sequencing of concepts. Rather than relying on rote memorization, students learn to think mathematically and build on the depth of knowledge gained from previous lessons. Unlike typical U.S. math programs, where students follow closely worked examples by repeating the same steps with different numbers, Singapore math requires students to think through concepts and apply them in new ways from the very beginning. This approach fosters greater engagement and encourages broader, more flexible thinking.

4th Grade Sample Literature

Heart of Ohio: Dublin Campus
Curriculum Map

Hillsdale College's K-12 Curriculum

We encourage you to explore the Hillsdale College K12 curriculum and their leadership in American Classical Education.


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