Classical Education

What is a Classical Education?

At Heart of Ohio Classical Academy, we want your child to be well educated. Our students will experience a content-rich education that stimulates their mind, feeds their hunger for learning, and nourishes their heart. We provide a fully integrated liberal arts and sciences curriculum that includes instruction on moral character and civic virtue.


Rich Curriculum

A curriculum that is content-rich, balanced, and strong across the four disciplines of math, science, literature, and history.



Instruction in the Western tradition through history, literature, philosophy, and the fine arts.


Cultural and Historical Context

Study of the American literary, moral, philosophical, political, and historical traditions.


Phonics & Grammar

Explicit instruction in phonics and grammar.


Language Studies

The study of Latin is a requirement for all students.


Moral & Ethical Framework

An approach to instruction that acknowledges objective standards of correctness, logic, beauty, weightiness, and truth.


Teacher-Led Classrooms

A well-educated and articulate faculty who use traditional, teacher-led methods of instruction.


Tech-Free Classrooms

A commitment to use technology effectively without diminishing the faculty leadership that is crucial to academic achievement.


Academic Excellence

A plan to serve Grades K through 12 (even if the school must open with fewer grades) so as to provide continuity and a recurrent examination of subjects throughout a student’s career.


A Focus on Virtues

A school culture of moral virtue, decorum, respect, discipline, and studiousness among both students and faculty

Hillsdale College's K-12 Curriculum

We encourage you to explore the Hillsdale College K12 curriculum and their leadership in American Classical Education.


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Learn why choosing a Classical education is the best investment you can make for your child’s development, and recieve answers to your questions about our school opening in Fall 2024.