Transportation & Calendar

At the April 17 school board meeting, our revised school calendar was adopted. Download the revised calendar using this link or find it on our website under “Academics.”

You may request transportation to be provided by your local school district.

Transportation Requests

Transportation requests will include this information:

The Heart of Ohio Classical Academy

4650 Lakehurst Ct., Dublin, OH 43016

School hours: 8:20 a.m.- 3:30 p.m.

School IRN Number: 021447

Please note, that while this Heart of Ohio Classical Academy Dublin Campus does not offer its own busing service, your local school district may provide transportation if our school is within a 30-minute drive, as per Ohio state law. To request busing, submit a Transportation Request each June (or sooner). Some districts make this request available on their school district’s transportation webpage. If transportation is not available, your district may offer an “in lieu” stipend. For more details, visit your district’s transportation page or contact them directly.

You can find further details on the Ohio Department of Education’s webpage linked below, including the state’s Transportation Rules and Regulations and information about possible stipends. We recommend reading this document to fully understand your child’s transportation options. Please complete the required procedure for your district and submit them via email or mail, as preferred by your school district’s Transportation Department. 

Transportation Rules and Regulations | Ohio Department of Education

All districts were notified on Apr 1, 2024, as required by law. If you are eligible for transportation, your district will determine if your home school is 30 minutes or less from our facility. Gahanna and Westerville replied to us with specific links. Other districts may have a transportation link or a different procedure for you to follow. 

School District in Which Student Resides